At the risk of repeating myself……

I don’t think that I spoke too soon – I suggested in my last blog that we ought to be very careful before we act the good citizen and confront people who we see dropping litter.

On July 16th we heard about a particularly frightening case which involved 2 policemen being attacked by a youth mob. It is one thing hearing about ordinary civilians being subjected to violence on confronting litterers – but it’s a whole new issue when you hear about policemen being assaulted.

These two policemen were in a shopping precinct in Croydon when they asked a teenage girl to pick up a piece of litter that she had dropped. She did so, but threw it at the policemen as they walked away. When the policemen asked her to pick it up again, she became abusive and a teenage mob gathered round and attacked them. Apparently, a crowd of around 30 people, including some men in their 30s and 40s, and even some women, joined in the attack. Fortunately the policemen were not badly injured but one of them was treated in hospital for – would you believe it ? – bite wounds from a girl who had jumped on his back.

I’m afraid that this underlines more than ever the need for we ordinary citizens to be cautious. I won’t repeat all that I said before (see below for that) but I will say again : please think very, very carefully before you confront anyone you see dropping litter.

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