Dirty movies

I have just seen such a brilliant short film about littering that I can’t resist the temptation to tell you all about it.

It was made by Thomas Black, a retired Yorkshire businessman, who persuaded Leeds-based film-maker David Varley to shoot the film at Denton, near Ilkley. Thomas was just fed up with seeing his neighbourhood spoilt by litterers and fly-tippers and so decided that he would do something a little different to highlight this issue.

The short film (a couple of minutes long) that he has come up with has, for those of us who battle against the seemingly never-ending tide of litter, a refreshing approach, depicting what, I feel sure, many of us would LOVE to do to a litterer (I’m not going to spoil the ending for you by revealing it). Do have a look at it by clicking here.

Which leads me to ask what other good films there are out there using a touch of humour to support us in our efforts.

Three other excellent examples spring to mind. First, the wonderfully creative pair of French films by Mathieu Labelle showing some extraordinary skills for getting your litter into a bin. The result is (literally) magic and will surely appeal to younger people along the lines of “what is the coolest way that you can get your empty drink can into the bin ?”. Do have a look at them here and here.

Another series of films I have come across are the endearing cartoons of KAB Man commissioned by Keep America Beautiful. Our trusty superhero takes on all forms of challenges, with a willingness and enthusiasm that seems (eventually) undaunted by any obstacle placed in his way – click here to see it.

Keep Britain Tidy has also commissioned a number of films over the past years, the most amusing of which is probably “Don’t be a gimp” with its rather dark warning about what can happen to you if you don’t put your litter into a bin : see it here.

So – do you know of any other anti-litter films that we can publicise and use to get the message across in a humorous way ? If you do, please share them with us in the comments section below. Thank you !

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