Hurrah for Volunteers

Volunteers litter-picking around the UK

Off your trolley!

Fly-tip alley

Fly-tip alley

Black doughnuts

Bins laden ?

Graffitied hedge

Deer, deer, deer..........

Deers affected by marine litter - photos taken by Fiona Guinness and Sean Morris, Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities Isle of Rum Red Deer Research Project

Indoor balloon racing

The RAF Association's indoor balloon race at RAF Cosford, July 2008 Photos courtesy of the RAF Association (RAFA)

Litter Art

Litter invades the pitch

Litter invades the pitch

Pavement pizzas

Well, they\'re still litter....

Witches\' knickers

Fast food litter

Snacks on the go!

Organised rubbish

Chewing gum board

Stick yours here!

Spring cleaning?

Fly-tipped beds


A paw subject!

Having a laugh