Trustee Treasurer

CleanupUK is seeking to appoint a new trustee Treasurer to join its board.

The Board of Trustees meets four times a year in London, usually for half a day but with one full “away day” per year. We communicate regularly between formal meetings, usually by email or phone.

Please have a look at the role description which you can see here :

Role Description : CleanupUK Treasurer

If you are interested please send your CV and a brief explanation of why you are interested to our Chief Executive, George Monck at : CleanupUK, PO Box 95, Tetbury GL8 0BA or by email to

Alternatively, please phone George for an informal chat on 077-9669-1220. If you feel passionate about the need to help communities overcome the problems that litter causes, we would like to hear from you wherever in the UK you are based. [Please use cursor to the right to view more]

About CleanupUK

CleanupUK was founded in 2007. We are a young and ambitious charity with a strong sense that whatever we do, be it organising a litter-pick or holding a trustees’ meeting, should be fun. CleanupUK’s major thrust is to help people who live in less affluent areas to get together, go out and pick up the litter in those parts of their community that the local council doesn’t cover and so make their community not only cleaner but also stronger and safer. We also encourage and support volunteer litter-picking groups generally, wherever in the UK they are.

Work in Deprived Areas

CleanupUK’s principal on-the-ground approach involves working with local authorities and other partners to stimulate and encourage local volunteer litter-picking groups in the deprived areas of the country. The key objective is to encourage residents to take responsibility for keeping their neighbourhood clean and for educating their fellow residents, both young and old, to ensure that it stays that way. The activity involved in achieving this leads to much more than simply a clean community, such as improved community spirit, safer neighbourhoods and healthier residents in areas where people are most in need of such benefits.

General Support for Volunteer Litter Groups

CleanupUK’s general support for volunteer litter groups involves, in the first instance, the website (which we run with the Campaign to Protect Rural England – CPRE). The LitterAction website is used as a base by volunteer litter-picking groups throughout the UK to help them to run their group in a more effective way, to recruit new members to their group, to afford them access to all the information that they need in running their group and to provide them with the means to discuss issues with, to share best practice with and to learn from other volunteer groups around the UK. In addition to this general support for volunteer litter groups, CleanupUK has become a leading voice for litter-picking volunteers and a key promoter of litter-picking volunteering.